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Ever have problems keeping organized while maintaining a home décor theme in certain areas in your home? Look no more!

This tray is derived of wrought iron with a durable glass surface to store anything you want while preserving FINESSE in your home. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THE EIFFEL TOWER IN PARIS IS DERIVES OF WROUGHT IRON AS WELL!

  • Wrought iron is scientifically proven to be more durable compared to cast iron. Instead of pouring hot iron into a cast, wrought iron is shaped by tools while still hot and structurally more durable than cast iron. Less particles are mixed in when formed compared to pouring into a cast.
  • Once you hold the tray, you will notice the solid construction and quality.
  • There may be cheaper trays out there, but don't cheat yourself, it will not compare to the durability and timeless design.
  • The tray has balled feet to keep the tray elevated in case of spills.
  • Tray is the perfect size! Not too long, not too wide, not too tall compared to other trays on the market, it fits right on your counter.
  • Do you ever buy a décor, bring it home, put it up and just doesn't look right in your home? We understand, it can be a pain to drive back and forth to your local HOME DÉCOR store. We offer hassle-free refund! No need to leave your home buying home décor items!

Still not convinced? You are welcome to visit our website

Have your family and friends asking how you are so organized while keeping an elegant theme in your home! Click 'Add to Cart' right now and order yours today!


ADD FINESSE: Minimalist design! This vanity tray will look great for your entry ways, vanity table, coffee table, and can be used as a serving tray. Impress your guests!
TYPICAL USES: Perfume and Cosmetic Organizer, Hand towel holder, Candle holder, Storage for keys, Mail, Letters, Tray for your desk & goes with your Silver decor.
EXACT MEASUREMENT: 10.63 in x 8.66 in x 2.28 in (L x W x H). INNER STORAGE measurement: 10.24 in x 8.27 in x 1.50 in (L x W x H). ALMOST THE SIZE OF A SHEET OF PAPER. More storage space for your perfume, eye shadows, cosmetics, lipsticks, brushes, and even your favorite spirit by your bedside.
STORAGE: Is your bathroom or vanity desk disorganized? Be organized today with this beautiful tray. Not too long, not too wide, not to tall, just right! GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE NEEDING TO ORGANIZE THEIR DRESSER, VANITY DESK OR BATHROOM COUNTER.
HASSLE-FREE REFUNDS: If the product does not fit your home décor, no problem at all. We will buy it back from you, no questions asked.

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